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Each piece of our jewelry is handcrafted and therefore delicate. Please take care of your jewelry so you can enjoy them for a lifetime. The majority of our jewelry is made of recycled sterling silver, 14kt gold filled and 14 karat gold.


We recommend you take off your jewelry before getting in the pool, bath, or doing any physically strenuous activities.


To avoid tarnishing when you store your jewelry, make sure it is stored airtight, as humidity is an enemy to precious metals.


Clean your jewelry with warm water, a mild dish soap, and a soft-bristled toothbrush to get into all the different nooks and crannies.  We don't recommend using harsh cleaners or chemicals. Ultrasonic cleaners, while often effective, can also damage the piece.


Most of our jewelry has a dark oxidized black patina applied to the silver. Using a jewelry cloth will lighten this patina and should be only used on the chains and gold elements. The dark patina on the silver might get lighter over time, especially on pieces that experience more wear such as necklace chain and ring. If at any point you would like your piece re-patinaed, please contact us directly.