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Our passion for crafting exquisite jewelry by hand is evident in every piece we create

Stellar Nebula Pendant - Necklaces


Crafted with precision and passion, each piece from J+I is a testament to over two decades of dedication to the art of metalsmithing.


Designer Ian Gibson

I formed J+I Jewelry with Jessica Rogal in 1999. For over 20 years, each piece has been handmade in our studio in the heart of Philadelphia. Self-taught in the art of jewelry fabrication, my fascination with metals was born from a schooling in geology and a desire to work with my hands. I am inspired by the beauty, history, and mythology of precious metals. As I shape these materials into jewelry, I combine them with other materials that have a story to tell: gemstones from the earth and pearls from the ocean. The studio is filled with the sound of hammers and sanders as each piece is skillfully crafted by the talented team of J+I jewelers.

Timeless craftsmanship, modern elegance