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GFX918NGFX918N - Necklaces
GFX918N Sale price$125.00
GFX917N - Necklaces
GFX917N Sale price$175.00
GFX915NGFX915N - Necklaces
GFX915N Sale price$87.50
GFX914NGFX914N - Necklaces
GFX914N Sale price$165.00
GFX912N - Necklaces
GFX912N Sale price$150.00
GFX907N - Necklaces
GFX907N Sale price$165.00
GFX871N - Necklaces
GFX871N Sale price$125.00
GFX870N - Necklaces
GFX870N Sale price$175.00
GFX850N - Necklaces
GFX850N Sale price$165.00
GFX839N - Necklaces
GFX839N Sale price$200.00
GFX837N - Necklaces
GFX837N Sale price$400.00
GFX824N - Necklaces
GFX824N Sale price$165.00
GFX792N - Necklaces
GFX792N Sale price$175.00
GFX791N - Necklaces
GFX791N Sale price$125.00
GFX758N - Necklaces
GFX758N Sale price$150.00
GFX751N Sale price$125.00
GFX710N - Necklaces
GFX710N Sale price$125.00
GFX708N - Necklaces
GFX708N Sale price$120.00
GFX50N Sale price$450.00
Shadow Pearl NecklaceFGP7N - Necklaces
Shadow Pearl Necklace Sale price$165.00
DPX682N - Necklaces
DPX682N Sale price$200.00
DPX681N - NecklacesDPX681N - Necklaces
DPX681N Sale price$175.00
DPX680N - Necklaces
DPX680N Sale price$220.00
DPX652N - NecklacesDPX652N - Necklaces
DPX652N Sale price$165.00
CF9N - Necklaces
CF9N Sale price$125.00
BC8N - Necklaces
BC8N Sale price$150.00
BC1N - Necklaces
BC1N Sale price$150.00
BC12N - Necklaces
BC12N Sale price$175.00
BC11N - Necklaces
BC11N Sale price$200.00
BC10N - Necklaces
BC10N Sale price$190.00
Sterling Wilderness Necklace - NecklacesSterling Wilderness Necklace
Hanging Labradorite Cluster Necklace - Necklaces
Lumiere Labradorite Necklace - NecklacesLumiere Labradorite Necklace
Aqua Chalcedony Teardrop Necklace - Necklaces
Glimmer Necklace - NecklacesGlimmer Necklace - Necklaces
Glimmer Necklace Sale price$135.00
Interlocking Circles Bracelet As A Necklace - NecklacesInterlocking Circles Bracelet As A Necklace - Necklaces
Interlocking Circles Necklace - Necklaces
Turquoise Teardrop Necklace - NecklacesTurquoise Teardrop Necklace
Turquoise Teardrop Necklace Sale price$200.00
Faceted Moonstone Necklace - Necklaces
Faceted Moonstone Necklace Sale price$165.00
Large Labradorite Teardrop Necklace - Necklaces
Labradorite Teardrop Necklace - NecklacesLabradorite Teardrop Necklace - Necklaces
Olivia Necklace - Necklaces
Olivia Necklace Sale price$375.00
The Caldera Necklace -
The Caldera Necklace Sale price$175.00
Double Exposure Necklace - Necklaces
Double Exposure Necklace Sale price$190.00
Gliato Necklace
Gliato Necklace Sale price$135.00
Wishbone Necklace - Necklaces
Wishbone Necklace Sale price$125.00
Sterling Perched Bird Necklace -
Linked Shimmer Necklace - Necklaces
Linked Shimmer Necklace Sale price$150.00