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Criss-Cross Bangle - Bangles
Criss-Cross Bangle Sale price$150.00
Crisscross Ring - Rings
Crisscross Ring Sale price$87.50
STK20R - Rings
Cup of Gold Stacker Ring Sale price$125.00
Curved Diamond Ring - RingsCurved Diamond Ring - Rings
Curved Diamond Ring Sale price$575.00
Dainty Gold Heart Necklace - NecklacesDainty Gold Heart Necklace
Dainty Gold Heart Necklace Sale price$375.00
Dainty Silver + Gold Heart Necklace - Necklaces
Dainty Silver + Gold Heart Ring - RingsDainty Silver + Gold Heart Ring - Rings
Diamond Cluster Ring - RingsDiamond Cluster Ring - Rings
Diamond Cluster Ring Sale price$950.00
Diamond Galaxy Ring - RingsDiamond Galaxy Ring - Rings
Diamond Galaxy Ring Sale price$2,000.00
Diamond Gold Tab Necklace - Necklaces
Diamond Gold Tab Necklace Sale price$450.00
GFX934N - NecklacesDiamond Sky Necklace
Diamond Sky Necklace Sale price$265.00
Double Exposure Earrings
Double Exposure Earrings Sale price$175.00
Double Exposure Necklace - Necklaces
Double Exposure Necklace Sale price$190.00
Double Pearl Ring - Rings
Double Pearl Ring Sale price$245.00
DPX202R - Rings
DPX202R Sale price$165.00
DPX21R - RingsDPX21R - Rings
DPX21R Sale price$125.00
DPX2R - Rings
DPX2R Sale price$175.00
DPX316PE - Earrings
DPX316PE Sale price$125.00
DPX400E - Earrings
DPX400E Sale price$100.00
DPX400N - Necklaces
DPX400N Sale price$150.00
DPX652N - NecklacesDPX652N - Necklaces
DPX652N Sale price$165.00
DPX654R - Rings
DPX654R Sale price$165.00
DPX680N - Necklaces
DPX680N Sale price$220.00
DPX680R - RingsDPX680R - Rings
DPX680R Sale price$200.00
DPX681N - NecklacesDPX681N - Necklaces
DPX681N Sale price$175.00
DPX681R - Rings
DPX681R Sale price$150.00
DPX682N - Necklaces
DPX682N Sale price$200.00
DPX720R - RingsDPX720R - Rings
DPX720R Sale price$200.00
DPX721R - RingsDPX721R - Rings
DPX721R Sale price$125.00
DPX722R - RingsDPX722R - Rings
DPX722R Sale price$150.00
EARRING REPAIR - ELLEN S Sale price$125.00
GFX940E - Earrings
Etched Sunburst Earrings Sale price$150.00
Faceted Aqua Chalcedony Ring - RingsFaceted Aqua Chalcedony Ring - Rings
Faceted Labradorite Ring - RingsFaceted Labradorite Ring - Rings
Faceted Labradorite Ring Sale price$425.00
Faceted Moonstone Necklace - Necklaces
Faceted Moonstone Necklace Sale price$165.00
Faceted Opal Necklace - Necklaces
Faceted Opal Necklace Sale price$375.00
Faceted Oval Aqua Chalcedony Necklace - Necklaces
Faceted Round Aqua Chalcedony Ring - RingsFaceted Round Aqua Chalcedony Ring - Rings
TSS3R - RingsTSS3R - Rings
Faceted Sterling Ring Sale price$120.00
Faceted Turquoise Pear Ring - RingsFaceted Turquoise Pear Ring - Rings
Faceted Turquoise Pear Ring Sale price$425.00
FGP6R - Rings
FGP6R Sale price$165.00
Framed Sterling Silver Oak Tree Ring - Rings
GCV2E Sale price$60.00
GCV3E Sale price$70.00
GDX3R - Rings
GDX3R Sale price$500.00
GDX4R - Rings
GDX4R Sale price$400.00
GFX100E - Earrings
GFX100E Sale price$125.00
GFX153E - Earrings
GFX153E Sale price$135.00