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Where is your jewelry made? Our jewelry is crafted with care and creativity in our studio nestled in the heart of Philadelphia.

What is your delivery lead-time? For individual orders, expect a bespoke touch within 3-5 business days. Larger wholesale orders, crafted with meticulous precision, may take 4-6 weeks.

What materials do you work with? Our creations come to life using a palette of recycled sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled and solid gold, semi-precious and precious stones, and freshwater pearls.

What is gold-filled? Gold-filled is an alchemical dance where a sheet of solid 14 karat gold gracefully embraces a core of brass, resulting in a piece of enduring radiance. With its legally mandated 1/20th gold content, our 14kt gold-filled jewelry outshines the ephemeral glow of gold plating, ensuring timeless allure with proper care.

Is your silver sterling? Yes, indeed, and it's not just any silver — it's 100% recycled sterling silver. This robust alloy, composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, marries aesthetics with resilience. Some pieces receive an oxidized finish, accentuating recesses and hammering to create a symphony of contrast on the sterling canvas.

What if any of the pieces in my order don’t meet my expectations? Should your item fall short of expectation, returns are graciously accepted within 14 days of receiving the jewelry. Simply reach out for an RA#, and upon its safe return, full refunds minus shipping charges will be given upon receipt.

What if I have a J+I item that needs a repair? Every piece of J+I jewelry carries the weight of a lifetime guarantee of craftsmanship. If, by rare chance, your jewel requires tender loving care, contact us at 215.463.0136 or through our contact page for the details on restoration.