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Gliato Earrings - Earrings
Gliato Earrings Sale price$137.00
Shell Drop Earring Threaders - Earrings
The Convergence Ring - Rings
The Convergence Ring Sale price$185.00
The Convergance Cuff - Cuffs
The Convergance Cuff Sale price$446.00
Wrap Around Ring - RingsWrap Around Ring - Rings
Wrap Around Ring Sale price$185.00
Hammered Gold Ring - Rings
Hammered Gold Ring Sale price$240.00
Silver + Gold Wave Wide Band - RingsSilver + Gold Wave Wide Band - Rings
Mighty Oak Necklace - Necklaces
Mighty Oak Necklace Sale price$274.00
GFX820B Sale price$185.00
GFX331E - Earrings
GFX331E Sale price$165.00
GFX24E - Earrings
GFX24E Sale price$137.00
GFX153E - Earrings
GFX153E Sale price$185.00
GFX100E - Earrings
GFX100E Sale price$172.00
GFX927N - Necklaces
GFX927N Sale price$226.00
GFX926N Sale price$206.00
GFX924NGFX924N - Necklaces
GFX924N Sale price$172.00
GFX924E Sale price$185.00
GFX923N - NecklacesGFX923N - Necklaces
GFX923N Sale price$274.00
GFX923E Sale price$226.00
GFX922NGFX922N - Necklaces
GFX922N Sale price$261.00
GFX922E Sale price$261.00
Black + Gold Oval Earring - Earrings
Black + Gold Oval Earring Sale price$165.00
Black + Gold Oval Necklace - Necklaces
Black + Gold Oval Necklace Sale price$206.00
Oxidized Gold Circle Ring - RingsOxidized Gold Circle Ring - Rings
Oxidized Gold Circle Ring Sale price$309.00
Gold Circle + Cupped Pearl Earring - Earrings
Gold Teardrop Earring - Earrings
Gold Teardrop Earring Sale price$172.00
Oak Tree Earring - Earrings
Oak Tree Earring Sale price$172.00
Olivia Earring - Earrings
Olivia Earring Sale price$172.00
ZGF555R - RingsZGF555R - Rings
ZGF555R Sale price$206.00
ZGF550R - RingsZGF550R - Rings
ZGF550R Sale price$206.00
ZGF301R - RingsZGF301R - Rings
ZGF301R Sale price$185.00
ZGF200R - Rings
ZGF200R Sale price$172.00
HX2R - Rings
HX2R Sale price$120.00
GFX916R - RingsGFX916R - Rings
GFX916R Sale price$172.00
GFX907R - RingsGFX907R - Rings
GFX907R Sale price$240.00
GFX850R - Rings
GFX850R Sale price$226.00
GFX837R - RingsGFX837R - Rings
GFX837R Sale price$165.00
GFX801R - RingsGFX801R - Rings
GFX801R Sale price$137.00
GFX790R - RingsGFX790R - Rings
GFX790R Sale price$206.00
GFX679R - RingsGFX679R - Rings
GFX679R Sale price$165.00
GFX177R - RingsGFX177R - Rings
GFX177R Sale price$226.00
ZGF556E - Earrings
ZGF556E Sale price$127.00
ZGF555N - Necklaces
ZGF555N Sale price$226.00
ZGF554B - Bracelets
ZGF554B Sale price$185.00
ZGF553N - Necklaces
ZGF553N Sale price$240.00
ZGF552E - Earrings
ZGF552E Sale price$240.00
ZGF550N - Necklaces
ZGF550N Sale price$274.00
ZGF550B - Bracelets
ZGF550B Sale price$548.00